Ordained in 2009, Reverend Mistriel took the approach of uniting couples in a direction that is anything but traditional. Fundamentally his belief, the sole reasoning for human attraction and the desire for companionship is the need of one individual to find another that possesses the traits that are desired but lacking in themselves. Therefore, after finding this person holding their 'missing pieces', the need to unite and "Become One" and complete themselves for the duration of life's journey is paramount.


For this reason, a custom celebration that showcases the uniqueness of each couple's individuality on the single most important day of the start of their new lives together is what Rev. Mistriel chooses to undertake as his calling.


By taking the time to create a custom ceremony for each couple that he has joined together, no matter by a brief civil elopement in a park with only the couple's closest friends as witnesses or during an extravagant hour-long celebration with hundreds of guests in attendance, it is only the words, deeds, songs, traditions and meanings significant to that exclusive and particular couple that the ceremony is created and professionally officiated by Rev. MIstriel.

Whether you are looking for a more traditional or more contemporary celebration, secular or religious-based, destination wedding or chapel, the melding of families with children or a renewing of vows after years of wedded bliss...whatever the dynamic, you and your significant other deserve a celebration of love and life as unique as each of you, and created especially for both of you.